Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Grown-up words...

Today I was driving home from the mall and these guys just run out in front of my car. Apparently, I interrupted their horseplay and the blaring of my horn jerked them back to reality, causing them to suddenly realize that grown men running around in the street and almost being hit by a car makes them look really uncool to the other members of the tree-trimming crew. Their solution to counteracting this lapse in coolness? To act all offended that I honked my horn at them. The nerve of me using my horn instead of forgetting to slam on my brakes and just running them over. It's okay. I rolled down the window and let 'em have it. "I've got an infant in the car, you stupid fuck!" etc... I really need to stop swearing in front of the kids. I apologized and told my daughter, age 5, that it was wrong of me to use grown-up words in the presence of children. She agreed. Oh wait. I said that to her after swearing on the way to the mall. Damn!.


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