Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve. I watched Dick Clark while I chatted on the phone and folded laundry. Yes, I know. I really need to stop living in the fast lane. I have children to consider now. But you guys know how they use plastic-coated wire to secure Barbie dolls to the cardboard inside the box? I hate to say this but I think that's what they did with Dick Clark. The poor guy had a stroke like 2 years ago, right? He really looked like he had some plastic-coated wire around his middle securing him to his chair. I don't want to be cruel but maybe it would have been better for him to have been remembered the way he used to be. I really felt bad for him.

And Mariah Carey? What was that get-up she had on? I thought any minute she was going to do a triple lutz, land on her butt and go sliding across the ice. For those of you who are not closet figure skating enthusiasts, I'm saying she looked like an ice skater in that sparkly, spangly outfit. Only Tina Turner can get away with that. Didn't Mariah Carey used to be somewhat dignified? Is it just me or has her cheese factor increased over the last several years right along with her bra size?

Did anyone read the Glamour magazine article about women who blog? Heather from was featured. I haven't been to her blog recently but I went after reading the article (along with a million other people) and she's got a pic of the Glamour article right there. You GO, girl!


  • Well, know the feeling, it feels like as you get older and older that you set there looking at the clock saying, "Oh, look, it is now midnight. Guess that means another new year." (No excitement inclueds, for that is years gone.)
    I do have to say this is the first year in years that I am looking forward to the year to come, and what I might acheave.
    Keep on blogging.

    By Blogger cannbenne, at 1/01/2006 05:16:00 PM  

  • Hi Wizzy,
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I've enjoyed reading your blog too. I've been thinking about trying the white noise machines as you suggested-is there one in particular you recommend?
    Happy New Year and hope you get some sleep!!!
    Desperate Mom

    By Blogger Desperate Mom, at 1/01/2006 08:55:00 PM  

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