Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Daymare Before Christmas

It's the day before Christmas and all through the house, every one of us is miserable, so I turn to my mouse (sorry, I couldn't resist). Anyway, both kids were up several times last night with various issues and maladies and at one point, around 3am, the baby decided he wanted to play. It wasn't as cute as it sounds. Eventually, we had to divide and conquer and each of us slept in a room with a kid. Today we are all cranky, tired and at least three of us are plagued with coughs and/or stuffy noses..

And just so you know my pissy mood is completely warranted, here are some more reasons for me to be irritated...

- Cat #1 got into the kind of ugly but-oh-so-tasty Christmas cookies that my daughter and I made and they're almost all ruined
cookie photo

- Cat #2 left a pile of turd pudding (from the $113 antibiotics) in my bedroom. I'll spare you the visuals on this one.

- My mother-in-law wants all of us to hike it over to my husband's grandmother's assisted living place and visit her because she's sick and they don't want to bring her to Christmas. Yeah, let me take my sick kids to visit a sick person so they can all get MORE sick. Sorry, Granny. No can do.

- And our TV finally shit the bed for real this time. Our efforts to revive it one last time were futile. It's not even 5 years old. Grrrrrrr...

Wake me up when my house is clean, my kids are well, the TV is fixed and Christmas is OVER.

Izzy the Grinch


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