Friday, December 23, 2005

Your Tummy is STILL Fat

Someone recently left a copy of US magazine at my house. While I usually reserve my celebrity catch-up reading for the doctor's waiting room, I was compelled to read about how celeb moms are under such pressure to lose their baby weight and of course, all about their personal dramas of postpartum weight loss. Hah! There was NO drama to be found. Nothing but personal trainers and low-carb ZonePerfect meals being delivered each day. Hmmmph.

I exercise almost every day and I have not lost a single pound in 4 months. I breastfeed (and bottle feed) a voracious 6 month old but no weight loss for me. I keep asking everyone about that malicious rumor that breastfeeding helps you lose your baby weight (it didn't work with my first baby either) but my research yields nothing concrete. My doctor, however, has confirmed that many women don't lose any weight until they stop breastfeeding. He advises me to enjoy this time and not sweat a measly 15 lbs. I am enjoying this time but it's winter. My ass is COLD and I want to fit into my size 10 (and that one treasured pair of size 8) jeans again. I can get them on and even zip them but they're so embarrassingly tight. This is evident by the ring of loose skin/fat that now hovers over the waist and of course, by the painfully honest words of my 5 yr old daughter who came up to me yesterday while I'm sitting down, kinda poked at my stomach and said "Your tummy is still fat".

Tell me something I don't already know, Sugarbear.

My husband, on the other hand, being the sweet and apparently smart man that he is, tells me all the time that I look great. I so appreciate that.

I want my old body back. Not this worn out old thing that wets it's pants every time it coughs or sneezes... (embarrassing side effect of having a 9.8 lb baby).

In an effort to be a "glass half full" type of person (I love a challenge), I try to think about what I got in return for this sacrifice. That's the party line, right? And it's true. I got something pretty great. But I sure wouldn't mind wearing my old jeans on a cold night like this. *sigh*


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