Friday, December 16, 2005

Four Other Very Important Thoughts That Cannot Wait

1) Kelly Ripa REALLY needs to lay off the spray-on sunless tanning stuff unless, of course, she means to be orange in which case she's doing a fantastic job.

2) Preschool Age Daughter: And this is the flag for Germany. They call it Germany because they have germs on their knees.

3) Kmart is and always will be...Kmart. It's a discount store that isn't really all that cheap. Some of the Martha Stewart stuff is okay only because it brings a certain degree of much-needed understatement to the masses but otherwise, Kmart mostly blows. Don't get me wrong. I don't think I'm too good for Kmart. I'll shop almost anywhere if they have something I want. But they aren't fooling anyone with their Target-wannabe commericals. I'm just sayin...

4) Do NOT, under any circumstances, see the movie "Christmas with the Kranks". I'm actually embarrassed for poor John Grisham. They turned his rather entertaining short novel into a painfully boring movie. And Tim Allen looks really weird in it. Did he have a prosthetic nose on or something????


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