Friday, January 06, 2006

Breaking News!

3:45 pm
My son is sleeping in his crib. This may not seem like a big deal but I assure you it's MAJOR! We've been trying to get him to sleep in his crib for a couple weeks and he does nothing but scream and we always wimp out because we are pathetic suckers. Okay. You're right. My husband is not a sucker. It's me. I'm the pathetic sucker.

Now I can't guarantee that he will sleep for long but who cares? He's sleeping in the damn thing. I wanted to regale all my pretend readers with more than this but I promised my real daughter a story and I'm gonna keep that promise.

6 pm UPDATE:
Okay, he only slept for about 45 minutes in his crib but that's not bad. It's about half of a regular nap. Seeing as I only got halfway screwed out of a nap, I'm still halfway psyched. My cup is HALF FULL, goddammit!

I CAN FEEL HIS TOOTH! This @#$%&! tooth has cost me so much sleep; I thought it was going to be like it's owner and NEVER COME OUT! But tonight he unclamped long enough to let me feel his gums and I felt the tippy top of it. It's about time. I was starting to worry that he might end up being one of those babies that's teething and fussy for an entire year. Anyone who knows me knows I don't do fussy very well. I hope we've been granted a temporary reprieve from the torture of chronic irritability but as my husband so kindly pointed out, his new tooth is really sharp and now he's probably going to bite my boobs. For nearly seven months I've not once thought about that and now I'm totally grossing out on it. Thanks, honey.


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