Monday, January 09, 2006

De-Lurk for World Peace — OR — if You Like Half Nekkid Thursday

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It's National De-lurking Week! This means that instead of just coming and reading and leaving, you leave a comment and say hello or what have you. While you may think your comments are not important, I assure you that myself and most other bloggers really like hearing from you — so say HELLO, dammit!

Oh, come on. It'll be fun. Okay, it may not be fun, per se, but it would make me really, really happy!

And for those of you who came over here to follow up on my threat of participating in Half Nekkid Thursday if you don't delurk... There's been a change of plans. Rather than threaten you with HNT, I've decided I'm going to bribe you with it instead. If you comment, in keeping with National DeLurking Week, I will participate in Half Nekkid Thursday. Do we have a deal or what?

(thanks to Beth for the pic>


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