Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shots, shopping and naughty blog searches — Oh my!

Hello all! Have you De-lurked?


I took the kids to get a flu shot today. I had to go to the health department because their regular pediatrician doesn't have the mercury-free shots. WELL WHY THE HELL NOT??? They started making them mercury-free specifically because parents were concerned about this neurotoxin being used in flu shots but the pediatrician, a doctor for children, doesn't have them? This irritates me. Can you tell? Anyway, my son is 7 months old and didn't even flinch when he got his shot. Not a whimper. Not a tear. He's a big boy. I can only guess that his chubby leg somehow cushioned the blow. My daughter, age 5, climbed behind my chair and didn't want to come out. I felt so bad making her get the shot but seriously, they were both sick the entire Christmas vacation. There was a lot of projectile vomiting, fevers, diarrhea, snot and sleep deprivation involved. The vomiting really sealed it for me. There will be no children sick with the flu in THIS house. Period.

Yesterday we made the pilgimage to the store from hell to buy a new carseat for the baby. Please...the next time anyone hears me say that we need to go to Babies R Us, just beat me senseless right then and there. It will save me a trip. There's nothing on earth quite like BRU on a Sunday. Two hours and a lot of money later, we walked out tired, cranky and totally over it. And that was just the grown-ups. Frankly, I can't believe my husband even agreed to go. He's not a shopper. He won't even go near a mall unless the words "food court" or "Apple Store" are involved. But he was a trooper and actually immensely helpful in navigating through the sea of carseat choices. I have only 2 real requirements in a carseat and those are that it must be easy to use and it can't crush my boy's 'lil peeper. I worry about things like that. I'm not sure if that makes me a good mother...or a freakshow.

It's been three days and the baby is still sleeping in the crib but he doesn't sleep for long stretches like he did before (in our previous ridiculous sleeping arrangement) and likes to wake up at 3 or 4am, flatly refusing to go back to sleep. So what do we do? We put him in the swing. I know this is bad. I know it's prolonging the agony but being up at that hour IS agony so whatever...he sleeps until 7:30am in the swing. Again, I'm getting half of what I want so I am only half as irritated but still twice as tired. *yawn*

And finally, I've saved the best and most bizarre for last ;-P

I don't check my site meter all that often but boy when I do... Here is a small sampling of the more interesting words that people typed into Google's blog search engine that led them to my blog, in some cases rather inexplicably:

lost my virginity
Baskin Robbins
I feel so sexy
dreamed last night
school uniform fetish
fetish life style
my mom's boobs

I leave you to draw your own conclusions ;-)


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