Wednesday, February 01, 2006

We Dun Need No Stinkin' Toys

Baby post alert! May contain words like cute and adorable. If you hate this stuff...leave now. You were warned. If you want to be my friend, however, you really should comment and say something nice.


My 7.5 month old son, whom I refer to as The Prince (so named by my 5 yr old daughter) has no interest in toys. None. I wish he'd informed me of his dislike of all things brightly colored and made of plastic. I wouldn't have bought him all that crap at Toys R Us the other day but they're closing and everything was 40% off. I couldn't help myself *sigh*

He much prefers the following items, in no particular order:

-popsicle sticks
-magazines, paper towels & cardboard
-remote controls
-junk mail
-and any other item that a normal person would deem inappropriate for a baby to play with

He just started liking Cheerios this week. Previously, he would react as though I'd put a turd on his tray. A spicy, prickly turd on fire, to be exact. Fortunately, he's had a change of heart and instead of throwing them on the floor to make them go away, he now ravenously scoops them up and gets one or two in his mouth. Yay! He's also sitting up with no flopping over or lolling from side to side like a drunkard and he's rolling around to get across the room. He's still saying Da! a lot but not as much as a couple weeks ago. His grabbing has escalated to an 11 on a scale of 1-10. We have to be really careful with him now. Yesterday, he pulled a very pointy mechanical pencil out of my husband's pocket and didn't want to give it up, preferring instead to wave it around like a teeny little sword.

I think tonight he tried to kiss me. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and afterward he opened his mouth and pulled my face to him, planting a big wet one my cheek and then on the end of my nose. He still only has one tooth but I know the other one has to be coming soon because he's swatting the crap out of his ear again.

He's sleeping somewhat better lately but still not in as long of a stretch as his sister did at the same age. I was so foolishly arrogant with her. I thought I was the sleep expert. "Look at my baby sleeping 12 hours at 3 months". What an assbite! I'm getting paid back now. But really, he's not been nearly as fussy as he was and he goes to sleep in his crib without a hassle. When he wakes up around 4am, as he always does, I can usually just nurse him for a couple minutes and he falls right back to sleep. It's actually a lot better. I hope it lasts. I'm probably jinxing myself just by typing those words. Shit!

Aother recent development is separation anxiety. If he can't see me, he cries. If he can't hear me, he cries. Unfortunately, nobody else will do. My husband thinks the baby hates him now because he spends every second that he's not with me swiveling his head around while he uses his baby GPS to lock on to my coordinates. It's nice to be adored but it makes my job twice as hard.

I took a bunch of pictures of him last night but I swear my camera has the worst freaking delay and I always miss the smiles and cute things. I am going to download them to the computer tomorrow and if there is a decent one in the bunch, I'll post it. He really is unbelievably cute. I'm not just being a dumb mom who thinks her totally ugly baby is adorable. He is. And if anyone dares to disagree, I'll cybersmack you ;-)

UPDATE: In case you didn't notice, I did post pictures of The Prince. They are in the flickr box in the right hand sidebar. Open it up and see for yourself how beautiful he is :-)


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