Saturday, February 11, 2006

Weekend FUN!

Hubz is home. I'm taking the day off. I'm leaving this place and not coming back for hours and hours and then a few more hours. If you need a recap, scroll down to the post called "Hubz is Gone"

So as to not have a stale post on here all day, I'm leaving ya'll a few FUN! links from my bookmarks. If you've seen them before, then feel free to post NEW! fun links to regale each other with in my absence.

Let the FUN! begin:

Design your own Warning Label. A great way to procrastinate or avoid your to-do list.

Use Gizoogle to turn your blogging, searches, text etc. into "jive" (which I think sounds really dorky). It's the shiznit, kids.

Introducing the -ly detector, a bookmarklet that will help you weed adverbs out of your writing. Apparently, (ha!) adverbs are bad. Who knew? Admittedly (ha!), this isn't all that much FUN! but I figure it's entirely (ha!) possible that you've been looking for a way to rid your life of adverbs. (it's also possible that you really (ha!) need to get out more ;-p)

Have a great Saturday.


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